Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh - Blog by Kaivalyam

Get Double Profit
In the calm, tranquil or peaceful environment of Rishikesh, a Yoga Retreat program to boost up your yoga skills. Yoga Retreat is actually a double profit program in which you can learn yoga along with the leisure. It is a collective yoga practice in which you can find plenty of time for yourself. You can get time to relax your mind & body, time to feel the incredible beauty of nature, time for individual yoga practice or time to understand the process working deep inside you.

Because a Break Is Necessary
This 7 days yoga retreat program is like a break from your daily hectic schedule. In this break, we take our students to different popular spiritual or adventurous destination in Rishikesh, like Kunjapuri Trek, Vashishta Cave, Neergaddu Waterfall. The beauty of these destinations will definitely spellbound you. For a while, you forgot every worry or problem of your life.

Find Happiness in Every Little Thing
Under the embrace of nature, we organise open yoga as well as laughter yoga with the motive of seeing a smile on the face of our students. Also, Hall yoga & Ayurveda Class are also offered by us in this retreat program. All the three meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) is included in this program We make sure that this Yoga Retreat Program brings a positive change in your life and you continue living your life blissfully and cheerfully...

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