About Rishikesh: World Capital of Yoga

Rishikesh; a synonym for beauty and a replica of heaven. It is the place where one will find the real peace, Rishikesh is indeed the second name of peace. There are lots in the city that will surely match your point of interest. The beauty of the place is must remembering. Presently, this small city of Uttarakhand is among the top list of every wanderer, every traveler, every nature lover, every peace seeker. every yogi. Yes! the small city carries lots in its interest bucket.

It's not easy to describe the beauty of this paradise; still a little try to do this. Surrounded by the splendid Garhwal Himalayas, abdicated by the touch of the most sanctified Hindu River, Ganga, replete with the fragrance of burning dhoop in the temples, purified by the sound of mesmerising bhajans at Ashrams; the city of Rishikesh is literally the God's best gift.

Whatever the season is; whatever the occasion is; one will find Rishikesh replete with mindblowing glorious charms that you will surely love to post on Instagram with the hashtag of Instragammable city; Rishikesh. Nicknamed by lots of names; "World's Yoga Capital", "Adventure City of India", "Land of Gods" and so on; the sheer natural beauty and the unique demulcent landscape of the city exude peace and love. The city enchants with vibrant colors of festivals and soothing ceremonies.

As Rishikesh is located on the banks of the Ganges, so the weather one will find here is moderate and sometimes chilling. The intricately carved temples and ashrams in the city have several accreditations that will tell you lots about the mythical stories of Kali, Dvapara, Treta and Satya Yuga. The calmly flowing river of Ganga offers a peaceful environment that will help you to get rid of every issue and pain for a while. The Evening Ganga Aarti on the famous ghats of Rishikesh is the best thing you can experience in Rishikesh. Followed by bhajans, dhoop aarti, prayers, kirtan; the atmosphere that Ganga Aarti created is truly relaxing. More than this, the river also allows the famous Whitewater River Rafting on the Ganges that will surely the best among all, you had experienced yet. Apart from River Rafting; Bungee Jumping, Flying Fox are some other adventures that are taking the interest of visitors towards Rishikesh.

From the luxurious hotels & resorts to the nature calling camps; there are tons of options to choose for a perfect stay in Rishikesh.

For past some years; Rishikesh is emerging as the best destination for practicing the ancient roots of Yoga in India as from the knowledge to the environment; everything is pure here in Rishikesh. The banks of the Ganges offers the perfect spot for meditation and practice of asanas. Moreover, the majestic Himalays of the city offers you strength while the divinity of the Ganga offers you power.

Rishikesh is certainly the land of culture and unmatching beauty. Whatever be the reason of your escape; you should definitely visit the city to get the real everytime; real peace, real love, real nature and real you.

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